Bradley Cooper Addiction

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Anyone with even an average amount of knowledge about Hollywood knows who Bradley Cooper is. As an esteemed actor and producer, most people have heard about him at least once. After gaining prominence and fame from his early work in shows, like Alias and Jack and Bobby, Cooper reached the height of popularity following films like Guardians of the Galaxy, American Sniper, and the Hangover. He has been named the “Sexist Man Alive” by People’s Magazine for the year 20211 and has many Academy and Golden Globe Awards to his name.

While life may seem perfect for Bradly Cooper now, it has not always been the same. The movie star has publicly confessed his struggle with substance abuse and addiction on numerous occasions. Now in remission for more than 15 years, Bradley Cooper’s addiction journey is an inspiration for people that everyone can beat this psychiatric disease and regain control of life.

The Beginning of Bradley Cooper’s Substance Abuse

Bradley Cooper admitted that his darkest journey with addiction began when he was playing the role of Will Tippin against Jennifer Garner in ABC’s show called Alias. As the season passed, Cooper noticed how he was progressively losing the amount of air time which made him depressed and felt like a failure. Shortly after, Bradley started having suicidal thoughts that further pushed him into a depressed state. Given his condition, the actor was sure that the producers would throw him out of season, so before that happened, Bradley, himself requested the director, JJ Abrams, to write him out of the script and left the show.

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The suicidal thoughts, along with the low mood that Bradley felt during the shooting, are what eventually forced him to turn to alcohol and drugs to seek solace. However, experts believe, and Cooper confirms that even the strongest of these substances only provide temporary relief and do not entirely get rid of these feelings. The story of Bradley Cooper is proof that even a popular and esteemed actor can become so overwhelmed with pressure and negative emotions that they may turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms of addiction. No one is safe from this disease, regardless of how famous or rich they are.

How Bradley Cooper’s Addiction Sobriety Journey Began

In 2012, Cooper finally decided to disclose his struggles with addiction to the public. He mentioned how he kept fighting these issues throughout his 20s and couldn’t find a way out until he was 29 years old. By then, the alcohol and painkiller addictions that Bradley suffered from had started affecting his life and even his career, which compelled him to seek help.

From his history of addiction, Bradly often replicates the event when he was so drunk that he intentionally smashed his head on the concrete and had to be taken to the hospital. According to him, his life back then was enough to consume him. However, due to his willpower and help from others, he got up and fought the issue to finally get his life back on track as a sober person.

The Road to Addiction Recovery and Success

Once Bradley decided he needed support, he joined a famous rehabilitation center where he learned about the 12-step recovery program. The name of this Bradley Cooper rehab remains unknown; however, the actor attributes to this facility the sobriety he achieved and the success that followed him after.

For Bradley Cooper, the best part is that he had plenty of opportunities to use his experiences with addictions to improve his performance in many projects, like A Star is Born and The Hangover. In the former hit movie, the actor plays the role of an alcoholic musician at the end of his career. By drawing on his real-life experiences with alcoholism, Cooper performed for a lifetime and was widely appreciated for it.

The move perfectly depicted his life as it included a high-functioning alcoholic slowly going down a destructive path. While no one around him could pinpoint the signs of addiction, the musician remains aware of it and goes through various highs and lows. Due to a personal history of addiction, Cooper brilliantly drew off elements of his own life to show the demons with which his role was struggling in the movie. As a result, his role is considered one of the most authentic portrayals of alcoholism ever filmed.

Helping a Friend Through Similar Struggles

As if defeating his own demons was not challenging enough, Bradley Cooper also extended a helping hand to his friend Brad Pitt who was also going through a dark phase of addiction. Following the divorce discussions with his then-wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt developed a severe drinking problem which eventually made him a full-fledged alcoholic. With some support and convincing from Cooper, Brad Pitt decided to revoke his drinking privileges and started participating in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He also reportedly took part in 12-step programs regularly, which appeared to help him a lot.

Brad Pitt later revealed that he liked these meetings and programs because they helped men sit around and be honest and open in a way that’s hardly seen anywhere. According to the actor, these meetings provided him with a safe space where he did not fear any judgment from others. This safe space also helped him drop any self-judgments and harsh self-criticism.

Finding a Way Out of Addiction

Substance use disorder continues to affect people from all walks of life. Whether you are a celebrity or not, you are not alone in your struggle against the dreadful disease of addiction. Millions of other famous and regular individuals continue to face the same challenges, while many more have already been through this issue. It is possible to overcome addiction; you just need to find the right treatment. Fortunately, there are many services and resources designed to help people overcome addiction. Like Bradley Cooper, recovery is waiting for you at some point; you need to work towards it with personal and professional help.


What is the reason behind Bradley Cooper’s addiction?

As far as addiction is concerned, studies reveal that there is always an underlying cause. In the case of Cooper, he was already experiencing depression which eventually converted into a suicidal ideology. In hopes of freeing himself from these negative feelings, the actor resorted to substance use without realizing that these substances do not suppress these feelings but only provide temporary relief. 

The main trigger that forced Bradley Cooper towards drug addiction was his feelings of pressure to live up to his potential. Moreover, the disappointment he was facing as he slowly phased out of his famous show Alias further fueled his intention to start using alcohol and drugs. Even after developing a habit, his substance problem continued to grow along with his progressively worsening depressive state, ultimately leading to addiction.

Was Bradly Cooper an alcoholic?

Among the many drugs he used, Bradley drank heavily to escape the pressure and negative feelings related to his career. However, he has been sober for more than a decade now.

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