Brad Pit Addiction 

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As a famous A-lister celebrity with two Oscar awards to his name, Brad Pitt does not need any introduction. He is indeed one of the most famous American actors, with many hit movies and television credits to his name. Yet, many people can attest that spending years in the spotlight can negatively affect one’s life, especially when it involves addiction.

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Previously married to Jennifer Aniston, followed by his second marriage to Angelina Jolie, the actor underwent two divorces, the second one being due to his heavy alcohol use. Since his split up in 2016, the actor has been particularly vocal about his struggles with alcohol abuse and his recovery journey to a sober life, ensuring to offer others encouragement and courage to seek treatment as he did.

Brad Pit’s Journey to Sobriety

Brad Pitt fell in love with Angelina Jolie as both actors were filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005. Shortly after his divorce from his first wife, Jennifer Aniston, the movie went into production. The duo dated for over a decade, during which they adopted and birthed children. In 2014, the couple tied the knot, but unfortunately, the marriage lasted only 2 years before Jolie filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

According to Pitt, his intense alcohol use was one of the factors contributing to this separation. Following the divorce from Jolie, he dedicated himself to seeking support from professional support groups for a year and a half. The public has also praised him for being open about his heavy drinking and drug abuse, explaining that he did not remember a day when he wasn’t drinking or using drugs since his college days. He also shared with the media that in addition to his alcohol use, the actor also had a problem with cigarette smoking. However, when Pitt started his family, he dropped using everything else but continued drinking alcohol till the point that it became a huge problem.

Celebrity Addiction: Is it Too Common?

The story involving Brad Pit’s addiction and recovery is not a unique one when it comes to Hollywood. Surveys suggest that more than 23 million people across the United States have reportedly suffered from drug use at some point in their lives. Moreover, one in every eight Americans successfully meets the criteria for alcohol use disorder. The condition is particularly prevalent in people with celebrity status and those in the spotlight. But why is this so?

According to experts, the pressure of constantly being in the limelight, struggling to meet other people’s expectations, and maintaining fame can take a toll on one’s health, leading to depression and anxiety. To cope with these uncomfortable mental health disorders, many celebrities drown themselves in alcohol and other substances. For some, being in an environment where other people are always using alcohol and drugs and having easy access to these substances ultimately leads them to develop addiction.

Further research has revealed that the prevalence of psychological disorders in university students enrolled in arts programs is higher than in people with other major subjects. This study gave the world the impression that people with creative minds are more vulnerable to developing mental illness and addiction. Many people use this theory to justify the high incidence of alcohol addiction and other disorders in famous musicians and actors.

Bad Pitt Addiction Journey: The Encouraging Message

Following Brad Pit’s substance abuse treatment in 2017, the actor developed a positive outlook on his life ahead. He expressed how happy he was to be done with all the alcohol use. He called his recovery experience bittersweet but was glad that he was able to feel emotions and feelings once again.

According to the actor, his fellow colleague Bradley Cooper had been his major supporter during the tough time. During his acceptance speech for the part he played in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pitt heavily credited Bradley Cooper, mentioning that he was the reason why the actor successfully achieved sobriety. After thanking Cooper for his contribution and support, Pitt also told the audience that he has been delighted ever since

Brad Pitt’s public acknowledgment of his support system emphasizes the value of having people in life who you can turn to during the addiction recovery process. People who have been struggling with addictions for a long time and thinking of joining a professional program must realize that it is imperative to surround themselves with people who love them, understand what they are going through, and be willing to offer support to keep them on the right track.

As Pit struggled to re-achieve a positive mindset while working on rebuilding his personal life following a divorce, Brad Pitt did not forget to offer words of encouragement to other people with similar addiction issues. He mentioned that it is easy to take wrong turns along the way, and these turns can be quite painful. However, everyone must remember that the path to sobriety is never linear and always leads to something better.

Brad Pit Sober Life: The Takeaway

As Brad Pit continues to enjoy his long-term sobriety, his life teaches everyone a lesson that recovery is never a straight line and can look widely different for everyone. Seeking professional support or joining a support group is a good idea, and no one should hesitate to do so as it can potentially change their lives. Professional rehabs have highly trained staff members who are ready to help struggling individuals take on life with a positive mindset while overcoming their addictions.


What does Brad Pitt’s career look like?

Brad Pit moved to California after dropping out of college just before graduation to pursue an acting career. His first prominent role as an actor was in a TV soap opera called Dallas, released in 1987 and kickstarted his career. Following this, he acted in Thelma & Louise in 1991, which people consider to be his breakout role. Since then, Brad Pitt has played various important roles in hit moves, such as Fight Club in 1999, Inglorious Bastards in 2009, Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 2019.

Did Brad Pit recovery involve any professional support?

Sources suggest that the famous actor spent more than a year as a participant in the famous support group called Alcoholics Anonymous. This was when his ex-wife Angelina Jolie officially filed for divorce in 2016. The recovery group pit joined has all male participants who would sit around and be honest and open in a way that was new for him. He called the group a safe space to express himself with little judgment and face his ugly side.

Is alcohol the only substance Brad Pit used?

Apart from Brad Pit’s alcoholic history, the actor also used to smoke joints many years ago. The drug habit was so bad during his younger years that he had to drop out of college because of his use. Being an avid user of marijuana in the 90s, Pit was only two credits short of graduating owing to his heavy substance use and eventually had to leave college without a degree.

When did Brad Pit overcome his pot addiction?

By the end of the 1990s, Pit got sick of himself as he was constantly hiding out to smoke pot, which greatly irritated him. After taking a trip to Casablanca, Morocco, Brad Pit’s life took a turn when he witnessed poverty and sickness up close. This experience profoundly affected him, and he decided to ultimately drop his drug use.

How long has Brad Pitt been sober?

The actor got sober in 2016 and has not relapsed ever since.

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