Eminem Addiction

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Born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem is a rapper, songwriter, music producer, actor, and record executive born on 17 October 1972 in Missouri. He rose to fame during the 1990s after the release of his second music album, The Slim Shady LP. While the world knows about his successful music career, not many may be aware that he is an addict currently in recovery.

During the peak of his career, Eminem continued to battle alcohol and drug addiction while producing award-winning songs. He also had an overdose that almost cost him his life. However, despite all the struggle, he managed to put his life together and recover. Today, the rapper is known as an epitome of resilience and hope and a great example of how risky prescription drug abuse can be.

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The lesson is particularly important for children who are xsquick to idolize celebrities. For some, his intense lyrics are fun and comical but can be relatable to many people currently in similar situations.

What was Eminem Addicted to? Down the Path of Drug Addiction

The world largely knows Eminem as someone who does not like mincing his words. His work is highly creative and includes brazen expletives and admissions that many people may find too extreme. However, this bluntness has helped the singer raise awareness in people about the dangers of abusing drugs. Eminem also starred in a documentary called “How to Make Money Selling Drugs,” where he talked about his struggles with addiction.

Eminem addiction first began when he started using drugs that many used to consider harmless since they were legally available. These drugs largely included prescription opioids, and the singer started using them as he was working long hours with very little time to work in between to rest properly. An acquaintance first introduced the singer to a pill that helped him sleep more easily, and according to Eminem, it helped him feel pain-free and relaxed.

Following the pleasant experience with the pill, Eminem started using more drugs, such as Vicodin, to feel more relaxed at the end of the day and get better sleep. The singer also acknowledged that the pills made him happier and more content. He also had no recollection of how he eventually fell prey to addiction. All he has is fuzzy memories of the years when he continued to abuse drugs, remembering that he was taking more than 20 pills per day at one point. Eventually, the singer started mixing pills, including Xanax, Ambien, and Valium.

When Eminem’s loved ones became concerned, they reached out and tried telling him about his problem, but the rapper did not believe them as he was under the impression that legal drugs did not cause addiction like heroin, cocaine, or crack. At that time, addiction recovery was not in his mind. Still, after persistent reminders from loved ones, he decided to attend rehab in 2005 but dropped it because of an unpleasant experience.

Eminem Addiction: The Near-Fatal Overdose Experience

In 2006, Eminem went into deep stress following the death of his best friend, DeShaun Holton in a shooting incident. Following this, the singer experienced a major setback when he got involved in a major overdose involving methadone. The singer later mentioned it in his song “Arose” from one of his albums called “Revival.” In Eminem’s own words, a delay of only two hours in getting medical treatment would have resulted in his death. When experts started treating him, the heavy methadone dose was already shutting down his organs, including kidneys and livers. At one point, everyone believed that the singer might not make it, but he miraculously got through. Unfortunately, only 30 days after his discharge, Eminem relapsed.

The Journey Toward Recovery

When Eminem left rehab, he had gained a lot of weight, weighing up to 230 pounds. He understood that he needed to shed this weight while finding another way to be sober. Hence, he resorted to running, which helped him experience a natural high while regulating his sleep at night. The singer acknowledged having an addict’s brain, so he simply recovered by replacing the harmful addiction with a healthier one.

Eminem even admitted that he took running to an extreme when he started running up to 17 miles per day on his treadmill. His routine involved running eight and a half miles every morning and another set when he got home from the studio. This intense schedule soon took a toll on his health, and he tore his hip flexors. After recovering from this injury, Eminem tried mixing things up by incorporating Body Beast, P90X, and Shaun T’s Insanity workout in his daily routine. With time, Eminem successfully lowered his body weight to 149 pounds without harming his body.

Eminem Addiction Story and the Guide to a Sober Life

The fear of experiencing psychological and physical pains related to withdrawals can scare many people from joining a rehab. However, Eminem’s life example proves that no matter how hard the process is, recovery is always possible and can positively influence all aspects of life. While the singer did not resort to seeking a professional detox program, we now have many medication-assisted treatments available which help people relax and remain comfortable while detoxing from their drug of abuse.

Overcoming addiction is possible, and maintaining sobriety is highly achievable in the long run. The successful addiction recovery journey from Eminem’s life proves this point. While everyone may not have to go through similar struggles, no one must go through them alone.


Was Eminem sober while shooting 8 Mile?

As Eminem’s career took off during the early 2000s, he had the opportunity to star in a dramatic film named 8 Mile. As the shooting for the film continued, he developed an addiction to prescription drugs, particularly Ambien. According to the singer, he started using this pill to sleep peacefully between the shooting scenes but became dependent on them.

What drugs did Eminem do?

In 2011, Eminem publicly opened up about his struggles with addiction while giving an interview to The New York Times. According to him, the singer struggles with addiction to Ambien, Valium, and Vicodin. He also developed an overdose of methadone toward the end.

How long has Eminem been sober?

In April 2020, Eminem celebrated 12 consecutive years of a sober life.

Did a rehab provide help for Eminem addiction?

According to sources, Eminem tried joining a rehab to overcome his addiction-related struggles. However, he did not like the experience as people around him constantly asked him for autographs which distracted him from focusing on his recovery. Consequently, the rapper preferred to self-detox and work privately with a rehab counselor instead of seeking formal treatment.

Can I follow Eminem addiction treatment plan?

While Eminem succeeded in recovering from his addiction, his treatment involved self-detox, which experts do not recommend. According to addiction specialists, self-detox can be extremely dangerous, even if it works for some people. Each person is different, and how they respond to self-detox can vary.

What inspired Eminem to recover finally?

According to the singer, his kids inspired him and gave him enough strength to overcome the situation and successfully head toward recovery. Eminem mentioned that looking at his children made him realize that he had to be present for them. Soon enough, he got serious about his recovery and started working with a rehab counselor while going through a highly uncomfortable detox program. He could not sleep for three consecutive weeks while relearning the basics, such as walking and talking. However, in the end, it helped him learn to be naturally happy without using any chemicals.

Does Eminem drink alcohol?

While the singer did use to drink alcohol heavily, he has been living a sober life for almost 13 years.

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