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As a popular celebrity sportsman, the United States and many other parts of the world knew Dwayne Haskins as an American football quarterback with a successful career in National Football League (NFL). With a net worth of over $30 million, Dwyane was at the peak of his football career with persistent uphill progression before he was struck with a tragic death. What made his death international news was the circumstances it took place in.

A subsequent Dwayne Haskins toxicology report revealed that the sportsman was under the influence of multiple drugs at the time of the automobile accident, eventually leading to his death. While Dwayne’s family continues to fight the case in court by deeming it a conspiracy, experts across the world use it as another example of how unchecked substance use can lead to potentially fatal outcomes.

Dwayne Haskins: An Overview of Career

Born in New Jersey, Dwayne Haskins has been interested in sports since a young age. He trained in central Pa. during his adolescence and played at Bullis School in Maryland before taking up the game as a professional and playing with the Buckeyes as a starter for one season. Even as a starter, Haskins put a strong impression on everyone by setting a record with 4831 passing wards and eight interceptions with 50 touchdowns. This record-setting helped him get shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the Maxwell Award as he came third in the voting.

Haskins also carries the honor of being a first-team All-Big-Ten pick in 2018 and also won the title of MVP of the game in the same year. Some other awards the sportsman won include the Kellen Moore Award and the Sammy Baugh Trophy, both in 2018. The following year, he won the Rose Bowl MVP, which helped him secure a $14.37 million deal with Washington. Dwayne performed well during this contract and won the Pepsi Rookie of the Week award for his outstanding performance against the Detroit Lions. In 2020, the footballer encountered a few issues, including breaking some COVID-19 protocols, leading to his team’s dropout.

The following year after his old team released Haskins, Steelers signed him up for the 2021 season.  Unfortunately, he spent this last season behind Mason Rudolph and Ben Roethlisberger on the depth chart and remained inactive most of the time. However, the one game he had a chance to participate in went in his favor, and his fantastic performance convinced the Steelers to renew his contract. According to speculations, Haskins was expected to compete with Mason Rudolph and the newly signed Mitch Trubisky for a chance to replace Roethlisberger before the big tragedy happened.

Dwayne Haskins Drugs-Induced Death: How it Happened?

On 9th April 2022, news broke out regarding the death of the famous NFL sportsman, which shocked the world. Initial reports suggested that Haskins died of blunt force trauma, and his death was considered accidental. According to the headlines, Haskins was struck by a truck followed by a car at 6:37 am as he was walking to get gas for his rental car on the highway. He was also reportedly seen waving cars down on the shoulder shortly before he was struck.

Following the initial statements, the famous Dwayne Haskins toxicology report was released that confirmed high levels of alcohol in his blood, significantly higher than the legal alcohol limit in the State of Florida. Additional testing showed positive results for two other drugs: ketamine and nor-ketamine, potentially indicating that the sportsman recently used this anesthetic substance for recreation. The team confirmed that Haskins had participated in the team training a day before his accident, following which he went for dinner and clubbing. However, the person he was with supposedly drank heavy amounts of alcohol, got into a fight, and separated.

More details were revealed later on about the series of events that took place on the highway. According to the investigators, Haskins was in the highway’s center lane when a dump truck hit him, pushing him into the path of a driving Subaru in the left-hand lane. Both drivers stopped at once to check on Haskins; shockingly, neither driver was tested for alcohol or drugs by the authorities. The overall impression from the entire investigation shifted the blame entirely to Haskins for being intoxicated and present improperly in the middle of the busy highway and did not press any charges against the drivers.

Dwayne Haskins Drugs and Death Controversy: The Ongoing Lawsuit

Even though the investigating authorities considered Haskin’s death an accident, the sportsman’s family was not satisfied with the conclusion. Later, the family members claimed that the former NFL quarterback’s death was part of a blackmail and robbery conspiracy and involved drugging him without him knowing. They also reported stealing Haskin’s expensive watch as a piece of evidence.

The family officially filed a lawsuit against the driver of the truck that hit Haskins, who was listed as a defendant. The lawsuit states that the negligent acts on the defendant’s part are what led to Haskin’s death. It also states other entities, including a golf driving range, a hotel, and multiple restaurants, as links to the conspiracy.

Many people had found the lawsuit interesting, mainly because it pinned most of the blame on the truck driver when the initial investigations considered it an accident with no charges filed at the time. The lawsuit dismisses these investigations and claims that the truck was over-speeding and carrying excessive amounts of cargo along with other issues like low tread tires and brake problems. It also emphasizes the fact that the authorities did not disclose the cellphone records of the truck driver and did nothing against his refusal to provide a blood sample to test for alcohol, using these reasons to imply that the driver was potentially at fault.

The lawsuit is still active and running and has not reached a conclusion yet. The family of the deceased quarterback hopes to find answers to many of their questions and uncover the complete truth associated with his tragic death. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Haskin’s death, it has been unfortunate to see his life and career end at an early age.


What is Dwayne Haskins Jr cause of death?

Haskins died during an automobile accident as he was searching for gas on a busy highway. A dump truck hit him while he was in the middle lane, followed by another hit from a car which led to blunt trauma and death.

Was Dwayne Haskins on drugs?

While nothing can be said about his previous drug use, Dwayne Haskins was found drunk following the automobile accident that took his life. The sportsman, who died only a few weeks before his 25th birthday, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.20 at the time of his death, up to 2.5 times higher than the legal limit for driving in Florida. Moreover, the toxicology screen also confirmed traces of two other drugs in his body: ketamine and nor-ketamine.

What is the drug name found in Dwayne Haskin toxicology report?

Dwayne Haskin’s autopsy report confirmed the presence of two chemicals, ketamine and nor-ketamine. Nor-ketamine is a byproduct of ketamine whereas ketamine is a Schedule III non-narcotic drug that the drug control authorities have authorized for use as a general anesthetic only. As an anesthetic, ketamine induces a sleep-like state in a user, which helps professionals perform painful procedures, such as surgeries.  Available on prescription, some healthcare professionals may prescribe it for off-label uses, such as depression. Like other drugs, such as angel dust. PCP, or LSD, ketamine can cause severe hallucinations where a person can have perceptual distortions of sights and sounds. Driving while having this drug in the system can lead to devastating effects and make a person engage in hazardous situations.

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