Oscar De La Hoya Addiction

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Oscar De La Hoya is undoubtedly one of the most successful boxers in the history of America. In addition to receiving a shiny gold medal in the Olympics of 1992, he has ten world titles in six different weight classes. Notably, these achievements were all before he announced to retire in 2009.

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While the famous boxer has been extremely successful in making his career and has always received love and support for his good looks and success, he has not been so successful outside the boxing ring. Those following him know about the Oscar De La Hoya addiction problem. These problems affected his mental health and allowed him to participate in suspicious activities, some of which showed up to the public in the form of leaked photos in 2007. While there are no latest reports about Oscar De La Hoya drugs use and sober life, his fans know he is trying to focus on his relationships after escaping the addiction cycle.

Oscar De La Hoya Addiction: Early Boxing Career

When it comes to the international professional boxing world, Oscar De La Hoya is the one who stands out from the rest. He was respected by the presidents and greatly adored by the public with an extremely successful career, including one victory after another. Born into a tough-fighting family, Oscar’s father, brother, and grandfather all participated in boxing as a part of a working-class set-up, one of the reasons the family moved from Mexico to the U.S.

With a wealth of experience surrounding him, Oscar De La Hoya was always set for a top boxing career. His career officially began when he won the Junior Olympic Games at 15 years only. Various victories, including 163 stoppages, followed this success. With many major victories in his career, Oscar also had some defeats, one of them being to Shane Mosely, whom he lost twice. However, these losses only contributed to the take-off of his career in the following months.

During the 1992 Olympics, the news tabloids shared how the boxer brought the sport to its feet. Shortly after, the world came to know that the motivation that kept Oscar De La Hoya moving from one victory to another was his mother’s dying wish after her terminal breast cancer diagnosis. The media also named him “Golden Boy’ following his nemesis Marco Rudolph to gain a gold medal.

The Shocking Reveal of Oscar De La Hoya Alcohol and Cocaine Use

While the world only knew Oscar De La Hoya as an amazing boxer with many victories to his name, the boxer had many struggles in his personal life. At one point, Oscar was brave enough to reveal his problems with addiction, particularly in terms of alcohol, to the world, which truly rattled his fans along with other members of the boxing industry. This big reveal happened in 2011 during a Las Vegas boxing promotion ceremony when an interview revealed Oscar De La Hoya challenges with alcohol.

In the same interview, the boxer also mentioned that he had already attended a drug rehab program in California to get hold of his issues. The program reportedly continued for three months. The name of the rehab was never mentioned.

Oscar De La Hoya Addiction and Marital Issues

As mentioned before, even the most successful career could not stop De La Hoya from experiencing personal battles outside his boxing. Sources suggest that the boxer was so knee-deep in these issues that he contemplated suicide. Oscar started dating a former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler, in October 1997, followed by their engagement announcement in 1998. A year after their engagement, the couple had a daughter who they named Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya. In 2000, the couple ended their engagement after Moakler watched De La Hoya escorting another woman to the Latin Grammy Awards while she was watching the ceremony from their home.

Shanna filed a palimony suit two months after this breakup against De La Hoya, claiming half his net worth, around £ 46 million. The lawsuit also included statements from Moakler claiming that Oscar was abusive to her and their daughter. She also proceeded to mention her alcohol issues. In 2001, the case was settled out of court.

Shortly after settling the case with Moakler, De La Hoya married Millie Corretjer, a Puerto Rican actress and singer. The boxer met her while finalizing models to include in the music video he was making at that time. The couple continued to enjoy married life and had three children together. However, in 2016, they split after 15 years of togetherness. This was only a few years after the former champion hit rock bottom, struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and even contemplated suicide.

Lesson From Oscar De La Hoya Addiction: Seeking Treatment for Addiction

Heavy alcohol consumption and hard partying do not make anyone loved or popular; remember that these habits only make you lose control over your life and enter a chain of negative events leading to a downfall. Regardless of the reasons behind your alcohol problems, there is always a way out. With a little perseverance and patience, breaking through any addiction pattern is possible.

If you or your loved one has been displaying a pattern of substance use, contact a professional rehab today to begin working on recovery. The sooner you seek help, the better outcomes it will bring.


What were Oscar De La Hoya drugs of choice?

The drugs of choice for Oscar De La Hoya included cocaine and alcohol. He said he had been drinking heavily for a long time, and cocaine was only a recent addition. He also mentioned that he relied more on alcohol than cocaine daily.

How did Oscar De La Hoya addiction impact his life?

The boxer had many controversies indirectly linked to his severe alcohol and drug addiction. Throughout his years of addiction, many female models claimed to have participated in alcohol and drug-fueled cross-dressing sex parties involving De La Hoya. Photos from one of these parties were leaked in November 2007, showing the boxer dressed in women’s underwear, high heels, fishnet stockings, and boxing gloves.

When did Oscar De La Hoya attend rehab?

Oscar De La Hoya first attended rehab on 21 May 2011. Following his treatment, he publicly announced his addiction and suicidal tendencies.

Why did Oscar De La Hoya decide to check himself into rehab?

According to the boxer, he voluntarily checked into rehab to commence proactive treatment and manage certain personal and health issues. He further mentioned how he did an honest evaluation of himself and his circumstances, which helped him recognize that there were many issues he needed to work on. Reportedly, Oscar was afraid to be one of the people who are too hesitant to admit their flaws and address them. The boxer had always met all challenges head-on throughout his life and considered his addiction no different. During his interviews then, De La Hoya seemed confident about becoming a strong, healthy person with the support of family members and friends.

Which rehab did Oscar De La Hoya go to?

Oscar De La Hoya voluntarily joined a treatment facility in Malibu, California. While the name is unknown, sources revealed that it cost the boxer almost $77,000 monthly.

Do boxers drink alcohol?

Alcohol is a strong substance with potent effects that can significantly alter boxers’ concentration and overall performance. Additionally, its misuse can also negatively affect other aspects of their life. Some common side effects of drinking alcohol include muscle pulls, cramps, dehydration, and poor sleep. Hence, boxers usually avoid drinking it to focus on their career.

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